For drivers

The comfortable conditions for the rest on the road and a car care services.

For carrier companies

Perfect infrastructure for your vehicle fleet and offices.

For potential partners

Good business conditions and the daily flow of potential customers.

For entrepreneurs

Spacious offices, warehouses and manufacturing spaces in the green belt.

Administration building

Offices for rent.

Pumping station



Security, cafe with a patio and motel.

Open space

Asphalted area with the gantry crane and scales (up to 10T).

Administration building

Offices for rent.

Manufacturing facilities

Large manufacturing facilities with beam cranes.


Storages with beam cranes.

Loaders repair


Asphalted and protected trucks parking.


Cars repair.

Sewerage pumping station


Transformer station



Spaces for storage or manufacturing facilities for rent.


Service station and tyre service

Maintenance and repair of trucks. Tire service. 4 observation pits.

Gas station


Administrative building