About us

TM "Zahidtransservis plus" is represented by the management company "Zahidbiznespartner" Ltd. and "Zahidtransservis plus" LLC established in 2010. Nowadays the company is focused on creating a modern and profitable infrastructure for carriers (from the drivers to the owners of the company), as well as for modern and progressive business owners who want to place their offices, retail or manufacturing facilities in green belt near the city.

Company owning "Zahidtransservice plus" is located towards the Lutsk-Lviv road in two kilometers from Lutsk (p. Hyrka Polonka). The area of the institution is about 7.2 hectares of asphalted area with buildings for warehouses, offices and industrial premises.

For the convenience of customers and partners there is a motel, cafe with a summer open-air court, specific service and repair stations for large and passenger transport, storage with crane beams and an open area with ​​the gantry crane and weights, 2 parkings for 110 trucks.

A small distance to the city (~ 2 km) has given the opportunity for the company to provide fiber optic lines for high-speed Internet access without any restrictions - the de facto standard for the modern business world. Modern digital PBX provides quality telephone services.