The total area of ​​the enterprise is about 7.2 hectares.

Facilities and spaces:

  • Administration Building:
  1. total area is more than 480m2;
  2. gas, electricity;
  3. new heating system, digital phone station, alarm system, fiber optic internet access.
  • Entry, motel and cafe:
  1. total area is ​​540m2;
  2. cafe is equipped with electric cookers, refrigerators and other necessary equipment;
  3. motel for 26 persons.
  • Administration Building on the territory:
  1. total area is ​​290m2;
  2. reconstructed and equiped in 2012;
  3. best place for offices;
  4. nearby there are facilities for production needs or storage area of ​​2800m2 (indoor) and 1100m2 (open).
  • Open storage with the gantry crane:
  1. area is ​​3200m2;
  2. gantry crane limit is 10t;
  3. weighing-machine (up to 10t);
  4. can be used for heavy loads that can't be stored indoors.
  • An open area for parking number 1 - the area is ​​3000m2;
  • An open area for parking number 2 - the area is ​​6000m2;
  • Storage and manufacturing facilities, including the hangar:
  1. total area is ​​4500m2;
  2. height of 6m;
  3. hangar area - 540m2.
  • Manufacturing facilities, possible for use as a warehouses:
  1. ​area is ​​2800m2;
  2. height is 6m.
  • Carpentry shop - area is ​​380m2;
  • Combined offices and manufacturing facillities:
  1. area - 940m2;
  2. 6m height including crane beams and 3m - without them.

Facilities and spaces for integrated services for heavy trucks:

  • Workshop:
  1. area is ​​1300m2;
  2. appointed to serve up to 10 heavy trucks at the same time;
  3. includes positions for TI1 and TI2, inspection pits, equipment for diagnostics and maintenance of the vehicles;
  4. equipment for mounting and maintenance of the chassis;
  5. equipped with a crane-beams;
  6. 4 observation pits;
  7. planning a mini-bar.
  • Wash of Heavy Vehicles:
  1. area is ​​108m2;
  2. equipment;
  3. Hand washing or contactless.
  • Gas station:
  1. area is ​​1000m2;
  2. 2 gas pumps;
  3. fuel tanks with a capacity of 65m3.